#Dinner was almost too healthy. Had to through some DIY lime hot #Cheetos and a Moscow mule into the mix. 🎃🍸🍴#foodporn #boozehound


YNRichKids - “Hot Cheetos and Takis”

I’ve been yelling “SNACK! SNACK! SNACK! SNACK! CRUNCH!” all over the Parks and Rec to many confused looks.


YNRichKids - ‘Hot Cheetos and Takis’

I have listened to this 10x times in a row and think it’s great. The beat sounds dope (if there was a Lex Luger drop I’d believe that he did it) and the kids are actually good rappers. [Content removed due to unnecessary Sh’Boss boy hatin’ - Aziz]

Opaque  by  andbamnan