You can’t see it but there’s a bit of ruffle a la Alexa Chung in there.  (Taken with Instagram at House of Voss)
#abfab #hair c/o @fuzzystarcakes ❤❤❤ #ootd #wiwt @marcjacobsintl @targetstyle (Taken with Instagram at Talarico’s Pizzeria)
Finally got this baby shortened. 💚💗❤💙 #ootd #wiwt #marcjacobs #stripesonstripesonstripes (Taken with Instagram)
Hehe. I knew these would make a comeback. Good thing I kept mine. 👊😝 #marcbymarcjacobs #nordstrom (Taken with instagram)

marc jacobs dressed in his namesake line on the cover of industrie magazine.  i love that he doesn’t take himself too seriously.  
this morning on the bus i saw two girls wearing yellow rain jackets and one girl wearing a yellow wool jacket.  is yellow going to be the new thing?  no offense to college kids but probably not.  their isn’t must style on campus, unless you count uggs and sweat pants.  no i’m not talking about the cool drop waist kind you wear with heels, more like i have my sorority name on my bum.
then i saw this on www and it got me thinking…i need a yellow sweater.  but then i remember i do have a yellow cardi which i haven’t seen in some time.  must be in a box with my la dodgers lovers shirt and my red patent leather flats.  hmmmm….
if i ever find that sweater i’ll definitely be jazzing it up with some new buttons. :)
*i think i need to add a back button sweater to my want list.
Opaque  by  andbamnan